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Humbly, despite my ignorance, but mostly driven by a deep desire to share with those people I love, I wanted to create this space to drop in a few my experiences and feelings felt through these pictures I had the opportunity to capture or some texts described, more or less successfully.

I wish as well to express my way of seeing the world evoking feelings, thoughts and ideas which can be interesting to share or simply pleasant to remember, such as is done with a personal notebook in which we immerse to revive some buried feelings.

I leave the doors open to any unknown being who may be curious to know or want to taste this chaotic cocktail of flavors.

That’s what is all about Faunicas.net.

Personally, I have no intention to confirm anything, except that I am sure of being alive, sometimes more than other times, and I consider myself lucky to be aware of that.

Luis Paz.