Two trips to Iceland

Photos of two express trips to the mythical Viking island, looking for northern lights, which we finally saw in the second trip, from Selfoss. First t...

Fleeing North

Uno no puede evitar sentirse un poco como un personaje de Jack London, cuando lleva horas y horas de carretera sin asfaltar, sin cruzarse absolutament...

Manhattan at Night

A few night photos in the heart of Manhattan, playing with the bulb mode and long exposure.

Yellowstone & Grand Teton

  Album dedicated to photos taken in Yellowstone in March and April 2016. The visited area is the northern section of the park, the road from Gar...

Following the Colorado River. Some landscapes of the American West

Paisajes abiertos de par en par, hacia arriba, hacia abajo, donde corre el viento libre a través de las formaciones de roca del desierto, a través de...

Galápagos Experience

Album in process, dedicated to the visit of Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands, both belonging to the Galapagos Islands. (more…)

Islands in the Stream

This album is still in process. This space will contain photos taken in Central America and Caribbean.

Southern Alaska and Denali

Summer trip through southern Alaska and Denali National Park. The first pictures were taken in Kodiak and Katmai (for more pictures of grizzly bears,...

Bears in Kodiak & Katmai, Alaska

Some photos of grizzly bears, taken in Katmai and Kodiak, Alaska. (more…)

Exposition Photos: Les Yeux d’Amerique